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Juehuaornis, new ornithuromorph bird from Lower Cretaceous of China

Ben Creisler

A recent paper not yet mentioned. Many thanks to Fred Ruhe for
bringing this one to may attention! It's in the Chinese version of
Global Geology (there is also an English-language version with
different content).  The paper apparently was put online back in April
on a number of behind-paywall online journal links, but is not yet
available yet from the open-access journal links I monitor. Once it's
posted there, I will post an update.

Ren-fei Wang, Yan Wang and Dong-Yu Hu, 2015.
Discovery of a new ornithuromorph genus, Juehuaornis gen.nov. from
Lower Cretaceous of western Liaoning, China.
Global Geology 2015 (1): 7–11 (Chinese Edition)

Here we report on a new basal ornithuromorph bird, Juehuaornis zhangi
gen. et sp. nov., based on a nearly complete and articulated subadult
skeleton from the Lower Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation in Lingyuan of
western Liaoning, China. It displays ornithomorph synapomorphies, such
as a synsacrum composed of 12 sacral vertebrae, a short pygostyle,
long and curved scapula, U -shaped furcula without a hypocleidum,
coracoid with a developed procoracoid process and a concaved lateral
margin, a keel extended along the full length of sternum, major and
minor metacarpals fused proximally and distally, and proximal phalanx
of digit II expanded caudally. The new specimen is distinguishable
from other known ornithuromorphs by some unique features including a
long rostrum for approximately 70% the total length of the skull,
cranial end of upper jaw hooked, and cranial end of lower jaw
straight.The new specimen provides new important morphological
information regarding Ornithomorpha, and it re-presents a new ecotype
of this group.