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Walking with Dinosaurs "2"

Is there any possibility this series could get resurrected? There is an endless 
possibility of different scenarios with the same general format and (hopefully) 
getting Branagh back to narrate.  Even with the factual goofs, this is my fave 
of all the dino CGI shows (and some of the others are really interesting.)  I 
remember an associate producer or some sort from the BBC was answering some 
questions here on the DML a few years back - is he/she still around?  WWD could 
take a swipe at spinosaurs, maybe the early tyrannosauridae, plenty of 
pterosaur species to tackle, the seas have all kinds of beasties from the 
Triassic-Cretaceous left to do, etc.  Planet Dinosaur had some nice alternative 
creatures, so it can easily be done (he said to the software worker bees) and I 
think would be very popular.

P.S. I guess a courier-font, text-only email does not count as "plain text"?