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Re: Commissions for paleoartists

Hey Dan Bensen, I would really be interested in how you put that together.
I too am just completing a novel which is a continuation of Karla Zemana's
original 1955 film Cesta do Praveku, reworked for American/ Canadian audiences.
I've set this thing up for a potential of 79 sequels. Not as difficult as it 
However, I soon realised that I would need to bring an artist on board to do B&W
sketches of the characters and scenes. Have no idea what they charge. My novel 
will be completed in 2 weeks. Just joined the Alberta Writers' Guild. Need to 
an agent. Never thought about hiring somebody from my own field. Weird or what 
Will contact you more directly later.

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Ben Creisler

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Hey everyone, this is Dan Bensen, long-time lurker, long-time-ago

I'm preparing to self-publish my time-travel-romance-with-dinosaurs novel
in January, <http://www.thekingdomsofevil.com/?page_id=1884>and I am
looking for some people I can commission to do pen-and-ink drawings of Hell
Creek dinosaurs for the interior illustrations, If you can draw people, I'd
also love to commission drawings of the characters.

The deadline is soon (Christmas), but I am willing to pay a reduced
commission for illustrations that get to me after the deadline. Payment
will be via paypal.

If you're interested, please email me with some samples of your work.


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