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Flugsaurier 2015 Call for Papers

2nd try.

Forwarding on behalf of the 2015 Flugsaurier conference committee:
Dear Authors,
We have now had confirmation that the Geological Society will be publishing a 
special volume of papers centred around the 2015 Flugsaurier conference that 
was recently held in Portsmouth, UK. This volume will be edited by Dave Hone, 
David Martill and Mark Witton.

The Society have set a deadline of the 31st of January 2016 (a Sunday) for the 
first submission of manuscripts. This is relatively short notice, but includes 
the Christmas and New Year periods when traditionally teaching commitments are 
relatively low. At nearly 3 months away, hopefully this not too onerous a 
deadline. Formatting and submission instructions can be found here: 


Manuscripts will be taken through a full editorial process and subjected to 
peer review. Manuscripts may be rejected or subjected to multiple rounds of 
review if their content is not endorsed by referees. Unlike the very successful 
2003 Geological Society pterosaur volume, accepted manuscripts will be 
published online immediately after review and corrections. Volume contents will 
therefore not be held up by any delays surrounding single manuscripts. A hard 
copy volume will be printed once all manuscripts are accepted, the deadline for 
which is 2017. 

The volume has capacity for a large number of manuscripts and we encourage 
submissions. If space does become an issue, we will prioritise content related 
to material presented at Flugsaurier 2015, and authors who have already 
announced an intention to submit to the collection. 

Please do contact us if you have any questions or queries. We look forwards to 
reading you research.


Dave, David and Mark