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Earliest mention of Iguanodon (1824 as "Iguanadon") + Crystal Palace Iguandon restoration work

Ben Creisler

Earliest mention of name Iguanodon as "Iguanadon" in 1824. Note this
is  NOT a nomen nudum as stated at the end. To be a nomen nudum a name
needs to appear without a description in a publication that is
recognized for purposes of scientific nomenclature (technical journal
or book). In this case, "Iguanadon" is an informal name (not
recognized for purposes of taxonomy) because it appeared in a general
circulation newspaper.

Martin I. Simpson (2015)
Iguanodon is older than you think: the public and private
announcements of Gideon Mantell’s giant prehistoric herbivorous
Deposits Magazinee 44: 33


Restoration work begins on Waterhouse Hawkins' Crystal Palace Iguanodon model