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RE: Earliest mention of Iguanodon (1824 as "Iguanadon") + Crystal Palace Iguandon restoration work

Ben Creisler wrote- 

> Earliest mention of name Iguanodon as "Iguanadon" in 1824. Note this
> is NOT a nomen nudum as stated at the end. To be a nomen nudum a name
> needs to appear without a description in a publication that is
> recognized for purposes of scientific nomenclature (technical journal
> or book). In this case, "Iguanadon" is an informal name (not
> recognized for purposes of taxonomy) because it appeared in a general
> circulation newspaper.

I don't think this is true.  The ICZN defines nomen nudum as "A Latin term 
referring to a name that, if published before 1931, fails 
to conform to Article 12; or, if published after 1930, fails to conform 
to Article 13."  Since Article 12 says a name has to conform to Article 11, and 
Article 11 says a name has to conform to Article 8, and Article 8.1.1 is the 
one that states "it must be issued for the purpose of providing a public and 
permanent scientific record", a nomen nudum can indeed be a name that fails to 
conform due to not being published in the proper kind of literature.  The only 
positive qualifiers for a nomen nudum are that it's intended as a name, and is 
Latinized. So "Iguanadon" would be a nomen nudum, but Sue or Jane would not.

Mickey Mortimer