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Re: Why non-avian dinosaurs weren't able to survive

In my experience in the type area near Jordan, the upper third of the Hell 
Creek (~30m) is very rich, although there is a "3m gap" before the K-Pg. The 
lower third is not very rich and preservation is more variable.

Denver Fowler
Fowler Paleontology & Geology Consulting

From: frank bliss <frank@blissnet.com>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu 
Sent: Monday, 23 November 2015, 22:59
Subject: Re: Why non-avian dinosaurs weren't able to survive

I’m still having trouble understanding why there aren’t massive beds of 
dinosaurian bones at the top of the K sediments.  No such thing here on my 
ranch.  I see fewer and fewer bone sites as I get closer to the top of the K 
section here on my ranch.  The lower Hell Creek is much more fossiliferous by 
my observations.  Finding good microsites in the lower section is easier too.  
Upper Hell Creek is relatively barren within 100 feet of the top of the 
formation.   I have mid to uppermost HC exposed on the 40 square miles of HC  I 
have access to with over 400 feet of relief here of a 700 foot section of HC.   
I’ve been collecting this area for 15 years and it appears to me that density 
of animals decreases as I reach the top.   Durn hard to quantify though.  

Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy