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Re: Nessov's Therizinosaurs

On 2015-10-01 12:44, gahrdng@mta.ca wrote:
I recently read Nessov's 1995 monograph "Dinosaurs of Northern Eurasia".


I'm wondering two things:

1. Given that we now know that therizinosaurs were maniraptors, and we
 even have good fossils of primitive taxa like Falcarius, how feasible
 is Nessov's "sloth" hypothesis today? (I'm guessing not very.)

Not at all. However, big therizinosaurs and giant ground sloths might not be bad analogs for each other.

2. Has the material from Uzbekistan ever been described or figured
anywhere else? It seems to me that it would still be quite
scientifically valuable.

Wait for the paper. :-)

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