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Re: Nessov's Therizinosaurs

Tom Holtz wrote:
1. Given that we now know that therizinosaurs were maniraptors, and we
even have good fossils of primitive taxa like Falcarius, how feasible
is Nessov's "sloth" hypothesis today? (I'm guessing not very.)

Not at all.

I figured. Too bad!

Would you mind elaborating on that, though? Is it just because we now have good fossils of basal therizinosaurs and they aren't sloth-like? Or is there more to it?

2. Has the material from Uzbekistan ever been described or figured
anywhere else? It seems to me that it would still be quite
scientifically valuable.

Wait for the paper. :-)

Aha, say no more. :)

Mickey Mortimer wrote:
Britt (1993) and Makovicky (1995) figured and described cervical CGMP 1980.14.

Thanks Mickey!