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RE: Supersonic sauropod tails at SVP

(sent for Allan Edels)
From: edels@msn.com

Nathan presented the paper (and demonstrated it with a bullwhip) back
in 1998.   (I was at the DinoFest 1998 in Phila. PA where he
demonstrated it).

As the article describes, this is an attempt to build a physical model
(albeit at 25% of full size) of the tail to show that the actual
motion of the tail could create the supersonic crack - and not damage
the sauropod tail (at least not much).

Not exactly old news - instead a revamped effort to display the possibilities.


Allan Edels

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> Subject: Re: Supersonic sauropod tails at SVP

> Old news. This appeared in Science of Nature a couple of decades ago.

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> On 10/16/15, Jeff Hecht<jeff@jeffhecht.com> wrote:


> Nathan Myhrvold now has made a physical model of how he believes a sauropod 
> tail could have cracked like a whip, which he described in a SVP poster 
> paper. Details are in a story just up at New Scientist.


> https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn28345-sauropod-dinosaur-may-have-whipped-its-tail-like-indiana-jones/

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