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Fwd: Bellusaurus monograph from 2013

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Subject: Bellusaurus monograph from 2013
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Bellusaurus sui monograph from 2013 (in Chinese)

Mo Jinyou (2013)
Bellusaurus sui.
Topics in Chinese Dinosaur Paleontology. Henan Science and Technology
Press. 155 pp.
ISBN : 978-7-5349-6521-0

No pdf link to the text that I know of.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.  Systematic Paleontology : 1.1 Skull and mandible; 1.2
Axial skeleton;  1.3 Shoulder girdle and forelimbs; 1.4 Pelvic girdle
and hindlimbs

Chapter 2.  Phylogenetic Analysis

Chapter 3. Comparison and Discussion: 3.1 Comparison with Shunosaurus;
3.2 Comparison with Datousaurus; 3.3 Comparison with Omeisaurus; 3.4
Comparison with Dashanusaurus;  3.5 Comparison with Klameilisaurus;
3.6 Comparison with Yuanmousaurus; 3.7 Comparison with Mamenchisaurus;
3.8 Comparison with Ferganasaurus; 3.9 Comparison with Daanosaurus;
3.10 Comparison with Patagosaurus; 3.11 Comparison with Abrosaurus;
3.12 Comparison with Losillasaurus

Chapter 4. Bone Histology: 4.1 Materials and methods; 4.2. Results;
4.3 Discussion

Chapter 5. Conclusions


Appendices: Appendix 1. Brief description; Appendix 2. Skeleton
measurements; Appendix 3. Character matrix


Plates and Captions

English summary:

In 2003, a large number of isolated bone of juvenile individuals of
the small sauropod Bellusaurus were recovered from the late Middle
Jurassic Shishugou Formation at Konglonggou, in the Junggar Basin of
Xinjiang. Preliminary morphological analysis of this new material
shows that Bellusaurus is unique among sauropods in displaying an
unusual combination of the following character states:posterior end of
the prefrontal not protruding beyond the posterior end of the frontal
process of the nasal; pineal foramen on the midline of the
frontal-parietal suture present; U-shaped notches on the dorsal aspect
of the lateral and medial walls by which the pterygoid expanded both
posterodorsally and posteroventrally; a distinct fossa on the medial
wall of the quadrate process of the pterygoid; troughlike structure on
the dorsal margin of the quadrate process and merging anteriorly with
the medial surface; basal articular area for reception of the
basipterygoid process on the anteromost part of the medial surface of
the quadrate process; large, deep pleuroceol present in the centrum of
axis; anterior and middle cervical neural spines anteroposteriorly
long, extending over the posterior half of the neural arches; anterior
and middle cervical neural spines very low, with their dorsal margins
weakly convex; a midline lamina present just on the dorsal surface of
the dorsal neural canal; intraprezygapophyseal lamina (tprl) present
in the middle and posterior dorsal neural arches; hyposphene-hypantrum
system in the middle and posterior dorsal vertebrae weak or absent;
"V" or "Y" shaped laminae present on the anterior surfaces of the
middle and posterior dorsal neural arches; neural spines of the
anterior and middle dorsals strongly compressed anteroposteriorly;
forked spinodiapophyseal laminae (spdl) of the middle and posterior
dorsals connecting anteriorly and posteriorly with the
spinoprezygapophyseal laminae (sprl) and spinopostzygapophyseal
laminae (spol), respectively; deep groove present between the parallel
prezygodiapophyseal laminae (prdl) and paradiapophyseal laminae (ppdl)
of the middle and posterior dorsals; anterior caudals procoelous;
lateral surfaces of the middle caudal centrum straight.