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Odp: Titanosaurs in late Eocene Argentina

Both the taxonomy and age of these are uncertain. The redbed sequence was 
originally though to represent a Late Triassic Santo Domingo Formation with 
(in)famous oldest bird tracks. Since than, several thrust sheets of different 
ages were discovered, and track-bearing portion re-classified as Eocene Laguna 
Brava Formation. The purpotred titanosaur-bearing sediments are provisionally 
assigned to Laguna Brava, but if these are proven to be sauropod in origin (and 
this is rather unclear), the 
sediments are likely to be Cretacous in age and represent yet another formation.

Dnia Środa, 21 Października 2015 15:49 <Seismosaurus@seznam.cz> napisał(a) 
> Good day,
> on the "Paleocene dinosaurs" article on Wikipedia, there is a mention of 
> supposed late Eocene titanosaur bones, found in the sediments of Laguna 
> Brava Formation. I assume these must be reworked fossils or that wrong 
> dating took place here? Is there some other evidence that these fossils may 
> be truly Paleogene (albeit rather Paleocene) in age? Thank you in advance, 
> Vlad
> Citation: Vizán, H.; Geuna, S.; Melchor, R.; Bellosi, E.S.; Lagorio, S.L.; 
> Vásquez, C.; Japas, M.S.; Ré, G.; Do Campo, M. (2013), "Geological setting 
> and paleomagnetism of the Eocene red beds of Laguna Brava Formation 
> (Quebrada Santo Domingo, northwestern Argentina)", Tectonophysics 583: 
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