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Registration is now open for Ichnia 2016

Ben Creisler

I'm passing this on to the DML (in plain text):


A: "Ichnia 2016" <ichnia2016@naturtejo.com>
Fecha: 09/22/15 11:33
Asunto: Registration is now open for Ichnia 2016

Dear colleagues,

Ichnia 2016, the Fourth International Congress on Ichnology is coming!

This congress, under the general theme Ichnology for the 21st century:
(Palaeo)Biological Traces towards Sustainable Development, and
counting with the high patronage of UNESCO, will aspire for a
discussion upon traces (fossils) as biological behaviour patterns
preserved in sediments and rocks.

6th May - 9th May 2016. Dave the dates of the Congress!
Naturtejo Global Geopark, Portugal
Call for abstracts until: 15th February 2016

Fieldtrips (3-5,. 8 and 10-13 May, respectively):
Pre-Congress: Paleozoic and Mesozoic Ichnology of Portugal (Crustacean
Burrows - Fado - Jurassic Tidal Flat)
Intra-Congress: Ordovician and Before (Giant trilobite burrows - dawn
of metazoans - geological dinner)
Post-Congress: Paleozoic to Cenozoic Ichnology of Portugal and the
Boundary with Spain (Vertebrate ichnology - bioerosion - crustacean

Find all the information: ichnia2016.org

Talk to us: ichnia2016@naturtejo.com

Carlos Neto de Carvalho
Chairman of  Ichnia 2016
Naturtejo Global Geopark, under UNESCO
www.ichnia2016.org | www.naturtejo.com | + 351 272 320 176