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Re: [dinosaur] New Konzhukovia species (temnospondyl) from Permian of South America + Early Triassic polar coprolites + more papers

If we have to forget names based on nomina dubia... what about
ceratopsians and other Ceratops-derived names ?

(I don't even want to elaborate on this case, in fact, knowing I will
surely be executed on the public square in the few minutes following
this mail...)


2016-04-12 9:44 GMT+02:00 Mickey Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com>:
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>> Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2016 16:27:33 +1000
>> From: tijawi@gmail.com
>> To: dinosaur-l@usc.edu
>> Subject: Re: [dinosaur] New Konzhukovia species (temnospondyl) from Permian 
>> of South America + Early Triassic polar coprolites + more papers
>> Mickey Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com> wrote:
>>> Apparently the misunderstanding where authors think family-level groups 
>>> can't be based on nomina dubia extends to non-dinosaurian taxa as well.
>> Yes, family-level groups *can* be based on nomina dubia - this is
>> allowed by the ICZN. But the question is: *should* family-level
>> groups be based on nomina dubia? I don't think they should be. Do we
>> have to replace Tyrannosauridae with Deinodontidae, simply because
>> Deinodontidae was named first? This seems like the nomenclatural
>> equivalent of political correctness gone mad.
> There should be a petition to the ICZN in that case, and also a detailed 
> redescription of Deinodon's syntypes that compared them in depth to other 
> taxa.  Currently, everyone's operating under the untested assumption that 
> Russell's 46 year old statement they can't be distinguished from 
> albertosaurines or Daspletosaurus is true.  If the new study found they 
> couldn't be distinguished from e.g. Bistahieversor or Appalachiosaurus, which 
> are outside Tyrannosauridae, then that would be a great case for suppressing 
> Deinodontidae.
>> A family-level group is a clade, and the clade needs to be defined
>> using the nominal taxon. So if we use the family Deinodontidae in
>> preference to Tyrannosauridae, then we have to use _Deinodon_ as a
>> specifier. That means we have to include _Deinodon_ in a phylogenetic
>> analysis. But if _Deinodon_ is crap, then there's no point including
>> it in a phylogenetic analysis. It would be done simply for
>> bookkeeping reasons - there is no valid scientific reason.
> It doesn't mean we have to include Deinodon in an analysis, only that we have 
> to use evidence to place it somewhere in a phylogeny.  Maybe that would be 
> morphometric evidence, as that's commonly used based on expansions of Smith's 
> tooth measurement sample.  Of course adding Deinodon to a phylogenetic 
> analysis is itself scientifically interesting- to tell us something 
> quantitative about where it belongs in the tree of life.
>> This issue of priority may come up again, from another direction.
>> Some phylogenetic analyses find _Coelurus_ to belong to the
>> Tyrannosauroidea. In this case, ICZN 'rules' would require that the
>> Tyrannosauroidea be renamed Coeluroidea (because Coeluridae was named
>> before Tyrannosauridae). This is silly.
> Here's the thing (and we've probably been over this before, but I forget your 
> answer...)- Yeah, renaming Tyrannosauroidea Coeluroidea is silly.  But why 
> are you against petitioning the ICZN to prevent this, instead of just 
> ignoring the rules whenever you think they don't function well?  That is the 
> reason petitioning exists, after all.
>> I know this is a well-worn argument; but once family-level taxa were
>> converted into clades, I see no reason why ICZN 'rules' are necessary
>> when it comes to priority.
> I don't think phylogenetic nomenclature has anything to do with this.  If we 
> didn't have a phylogenetic definition for Tyrannosauroidea or 
> Tyrannosauridae, you'd no doubt still think using Deinodontidae and 
> Coeluroidea is silly.  Right?
> Mickey Mortimer
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Jocelyn Falconnet