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Odp: [dinosaur] Apatoraptor, new caenagnathid oviraptorosaur from Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada

Dnia Środa, 13 Kwietnia 2016 09:41 Tim Williams <tijawi@gmail.com> napisał(a) 

> One odd feature of the phylogeny is that it recovers
> _Protarchaeopteryx_ as an archaeopterygid, rather than an
> oviraptorosaur.  This harks back to the original taxonomic assignment
> of _Protarchaeropteryx_ by Ji & Ji (1997) as a primitive
> 'archaeopterygian' (I'm skeptical).  More significant is the recovery
> of _Luoyanggia_ and _Ningyuansaurus_ as basal oviraptorosaurs, of the
> same evolutionary grade as caudipterygids.

Also, _Archaeopteryx_ is here closer to oviraptorosaurs than to _Velociraptor_. 
I really enjoy the idea that a Middle-Upper Jurassic grade of archaeopterygid 
'birds' actually gave rise to all other groups of Pennaraptora, most of them 
becoming 2F. The majority of phylogenetic analyses do not follow this scenario, 
but I quess this might be because of secondary, reversal 'terrestrialization' 
of morphology. This would be more in line with the stratigraphic occurence of 
main radiations of 
pennaraptoran ingroups.