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Re: [dinosaur] Quaesitosaurus formation

Gregory Paul <gsp1954 <at> aol.com> writes:

> Am doing the last edits on the 2nd edition of the Princeton Field Guide 
and cannot find CERTAIN info on the formation Quaesitosaurus comes from. 
Anyone know? 
> GSPaul

The Quaesitosaurus holotype was found in the Barun Goyot Formation, to be 
precise. See Maryanska (2000) for locality and stratigraphic info.

T. Maryańska (2000). Sauropods from Mongolia and the former Soviet Union. 
In: M.J. Benton, M.A. Shishkin, D.M. Unwin, and E.N. Kurochkin (eds.), The 
Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia. Cambridge University Press, 
Cambridge 456-461.