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Re: [dinosaur] Quaesitosauris formation

I thought there was something screwy about all this. So what "formation" do I list Quaest as coming from in a short entry in a popular book? Nemegt equivalent? (I say Wealden equivalent for the Bernissart Iguanodon & Doillodon). 

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Some comments:

Maryanska's chapter in the THE AGE OF DINOSAURS IN RUSSIA AND MONGOLIA is not the most up to date ref on this. Field research by the now defunct HMNS suggests the (Quaesitosaurus-bearing) Shar Tsav locality is Nemegt equivalent (early Maastrchtian). The Barun Goyot formation, btw, is not necessarily the same age. Although the two units interfinger at the type locality and elsewhere, some Barungoyotian strata underlie the Nemegt. And interfingering, to my knowledge, is only observed in lower Nemegtian strata.
A "Djadokhtan" age is actually more likely than a Barungoyotian age (sensu stricto). Sauropods are known from fluvial strata underlying Tugrik, but have not been found in Barungoyotian beds. Shar Tsav is most likely lower Djadokhtan or Nemegt roughly 74-70 Ma.