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[dinosaur] [Dinosaur] Megalosaurid Dinosaurs Crossing Middle Jurassic Tidal Flats (FREE)


A recently published paper on ichnology and megalosaurid theropods:

Novella L. Razzolini, Oriol Oms, Diego Castanera, Bernat Vila, Vanda Faria dos 
Santos & Àngel Galobart. (2016). Ichnological evidence of Megalosaurid 
Dinosaurs Crossing Middle Jurassic Tidal Flats
Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 31494 (2016)

A new dinosaur tracksite in the Vale de Meios quarry (Serra de Aire Formation, 
Bathonian, Portugal)preserves more than 700 theropod tracks. They are organized 
in at least 80 unidirectional trackways arranged in a bimodal orientation 
pattern (W/NW and E/SE). Quantitative and qualitative comparisons reveal that 
the large tridactyl, elongated and asymmetric tracks resemble the typical Late 
Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Megalosauripus ichnogenus in all morphometric 
parameters. Few of the numerous tracks are preserved as elite tracks while the 
rest are preserved as different gradients of modified true tracks according to 
water content, erosive factors, radial fractures and internal overtrack 
formations. Taphonomical determinations are consistent with paleoenvironmental 
observations that indicate an inter-tidal flat located at the margin of a 
coastal barrier. The Megalosauripus tracks represent the oldest occurrence of 
this ichnotaxon and are attributed to large megalosaurid dinosaurs. Their 
occurrence in Vale de Meios tidal flat represents the unique paleoethological 
evidence of megalosaurids moving towards the lagoon, most likley during the low 
tide periods with feeding purposes.