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[dinosaur] Science News: Humans, birds communicate to collaborate

Title: Humans, birds communicate to collaborate

Message from Sender: Fascinating that the "first solid evidence of 2-way collaborative communication between humans and non-human animals in the wild" would be human-dinosaur.

Humans, birds communicate to collaborate

Honeyguides, honey hunters stick together to find, break into bees’ hives

By Bruce Bower, 12:50 PM July 21, 2016

When asked the right way, a savvy bird species steers African hunter-gatherers to honey. All it takes is a loud trill followed by a grunt that sounds like “brrr-hm.”

Birds known as greater honeyguides (Indicator indicator) lead hunter-gatherers in Mozambique to honey-rich bees’ nests after hearing humans make this signature call, say evolutionary ecologist Claire Spottiswoode of the University of Cambridge and her colleagues. In exchange, the birds get human-aided access to perilous-to-reach f...

Source URL: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/humans-birds-communicate-collaborate