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Re: [dinosaur] Regarding Art Theft

On 12/03/2016 07:25 PM, Matt Martyniuk wrote:
> Artwork is not science, and unauthorized use of copyrighted original artwork 
> has zero to do with the open science movement. Artists have every right to 
> charge for their work or at least have the courtesy of being contacted before 
> it is to be used to illustrate a paper in the scientific literature. To 
> suggest that an artist should either open source their work or pull it from 
> the internet, the implication being that if it's on the internet is should be 
> free, is victim blaming and incredibly insulting. If these researchers wanted 
> a life restoration for their paper they should have found an open source 
> image, drawn it themselves, or paid for it.
> --Matt Martyniuk

You are philosophically and practically speaking WRONG, but again, this
is not the correct venue for this conversation.  If you want to discuss
the merits of copyright law, I'll discuss it with you all day long and
make you look very silly, but it will have to be in an appropriate forum
like on NYLXS or EFFs blog site etc ..

He has a right to charge whatever he wants, BTW.  That is not a
question.  The issue is if someone can my copies of works of art, and
under what conditions.

I'd say yes, they can copy the work in this case, especially when the
work in question, a rather poorly developed and a poor copy, was posted
ad hoc on an internet forum for feedback and discussion.  I'm surprised
it was picked up by a copyright crazy journal without tracking down the
artist for a cleaner and more developed copy, just to get a piece of
quality work.  This goes with the idea that I can use the community for
my private profits, but the article in question is strictly fee for view!



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