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[dinosaur] New horned dinosaur from Mexico on cover of Spansih National Geographic + more

Ben Creisler

A few recent items:

Check out the new website Wild Prehistory, with news and other features:



Latin American Spanish edition of the 2016 December National Geographic features a new genus and species of horned dinosaur from Coahuila in  Mexico on the cover (click on Facebook photo to expand image; can be downloaded) (all items in Spanish)

* La Prehistoria en México
¿Cómo clasificar un hueso fosilizado? Acompañamos a un equipo de paleontólogos a descubrir la información que esta evidencia revela sobre un género y una especie nuevos.



About one of the paleontologists



The young student artist who created the digital ceratopsian image on the cover



More on the recent dinosaur dig in Schleitheim, Switzerland, that found about 100 bones of a possible new type of Triassic sauropodomorph bigger than Plateosaurus and "Gresslyosaurus"  (in German) 



Russian paleontologist Petr Kolosov interviewed about discovering dinosaurs and tritylodont Xenocretosuchus in Siberia (in Russian)



Turtle hip wiggles