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Prestosuchus (pseudosuchian from Upper Triassic of Brazil) new material described (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper in open access PeerJ:

Marcel B. Lacerda, Bianca M. Mastrantonio, Daniel C. Fortier & Cesar
L. Schultz (2016)
New insights on Prestosuchus chiniquensis Huene, 1942 (Pseudosuchia,
Loricata) based on new specimens from the "Tree Sanga" Outcrop,
Chiniquá Region, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
PeerJ 4:e1622
doi:  https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.1622

The 'rauisuchians' are a group of Triassic pseudosuchian archosaurs
that displayed a near global distribution. Their problematic taxonomic
resolution comes from the fact that most taxa are represented only by
a few and/or mostly incomplete specimens. In the last few decades,
renewed interest in early archosaur evolution has helped to clarify
some of these problems, but further studies on the taxonomic and
paleobiological aspects are still needed. In the present work, we
describe new material attributed to the ‘rauisuchian’ taxon
Prestosuchus chiniquensis, of the Dinodontosaurus Assemblage Zone,
Middle Triassic (Ladinian) of the Santa Maria Supersequence of
southern Brazil, based on a comparative osteologic analysis.
Additionally, we present well supported evidence that these represent
juvenile forms, due to differences in osteological features (i.e., a
subnarial fenestra) that when compared to previously described
specimens can be attributed to ontogeny and indicate variation within
a single taxon of a problematic but important osteological structure
in the study of 'rauisuchians.'