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Late Jurassic sauropods from Lusitanian Basin, Portugal

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

P. Mocho, R. Royo-Torres, E. Malafaia, F. Escaso, I. Narváez & F. Ortega (2016)
New data on Late Jurassic sauropods of central and northern sectors of
the Bombarral Sub-basin (Lusitanian Basin, Portugal).
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

The Upper Jurassic’s central and northern sectors of the Bombarral
Sub-basin are relatively poor in sauropod material, highlighting the
specimens (mainly teeth) found in the Guimarota mine (Leiria) and the
Andrés (Pombal) fossil site. The study of published and the
unpublished sauropod material allows for a revision of the present
state of sauropod diversity of the Bombarral Sub-basin. These new
specimens come from Pombal, Leiria, Batalha, Porto de Mós, Alcobaça
and Caldas da Rainha, and include an almost complete posterior or
middle dorsal neural spine and a partial caudal series. The systematic
re-evaluation of the sauropod record of this sector indicates the
presence of turiasaurs, diplodocines, titanosauriforms and an
indeterminate eusauropod form. During the last part of the twentieth
century, the discovery of fossil vertebrates has increased
significantly in the sediments cropping out in the central and
northern sectors of the Bombarral Sub-basin (Alcobaça and Bombarral
Formations), improving our understanding of the Late Jurassic faunas
of the Lusitanian Basin.