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Huehuecanauhtlus (Hadrosauroidea) spinal and rib osteopathy

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Angel Alejandro Ramírez-Velasco, Elizabeth Morales-Salinas, René
Hernández-Rivera & Darren Hank Tanke (2016)
Spinal and rib osteopathy in Huehuecanauhtlus tiquichensis
(Ornithopoda: Hadrosauroidea) from the Late Cretaceous in Mexico.
Historical Biology (advance online publication)
http: // www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/08912963.2016.1147033

Osteopathy from derived hadrosauroids has been extensively studied.
However, little work has been done in the basal members of this group.
Only two brief notes have recorded three examples of osteopathy in the
basal hadrosauroids in Bactrosaurus, Gilmoreosaurus and Jeyawati. In
the present manuscript, we found in the holotype of the basal
hadrosauroid Huehuecanauhtlus tiquichensis (IGM 6253) from Mexico two
dorsal ribs and a dorsal vertebra with unusual pathologic conditions.
The injuries are described as possible premortem or perimortem
anterior rib fracture, associated with a singular sclerosis and
costo-vertebral ankyloses which probably originated by spinal and rib
osteomyelitis. The vertebral lesion caused direct damage to the
nervous system and possible back pain. This study represents the first
study of palaeopathology in a Mexican hadrosauroid in which the bone
abnormalities are extensively compared with previous studies and
described in detail, their origins are interpreted, and the health
implications for the individual are considered.