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Course R Without Fear: Applied R for Biologists, Sept 19-23, Barcelona.

Dear colleagues,
Registration is open for the workshop "R Without Fear: Applied R for Biologists 
– 2ndedition", September 19th-23rd, 2016. 
Instructor: Dr. Jordi Moya-Laraño (Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas - 
CSIC, Spain). 
PLACE: Premises of Sabadell of the Institut Catalá de Paleontologia Miquel 
Crusafont (Barcelona, Spain).
Introduction to R and its working environment
·         Types of variables in R
·         Vectors, matrices and data frames
·         Self-made functions
·         Working with loops and conditional statements
·         How to merge data tables
·         Search and substitute of data values within tables
·         Complex summaries of data tables
Statistical analyses with some theoretical refreshing
·         Statistical populations and samples through example
·         Measures of central tendency and variability
·         Precision, accuracy and bias
·         Hypothesis testing: falsability, Type-I and Type-II errors and 
statistical power
·         Correlation and simple linear regression
·         P-value vs effect magnitude
·         Linear models: residuals, assumptions and interpretation
·         Explained and unexplained variance in a linear model (coefficient of 
·         Introduction to R graphics with statistical examples
·         The concept of partial effect: partial regression and correlation
·         Additive vs. multiplicative effects: disentangling the effect of 
·         General and Generalized Linear Models 
·         Choosing the “best” models via AIC
 With best regards

Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno
Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (ICP)

Campus de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona). Spain