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Re: Nonavian dinosaur fossils at the K-Pg boundary

 Ornithomimid teeth don't exist! 

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Subject: Nonavian dinosaur fossils at the K-Pg boundary

Good day,

I would like to clear myself up about the supposed absence of non-avian
dinosaur fossil material right at the K-Pg boundary. In this lecture from
2011 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdOledzfaXk) Jan Smit presents
evidence about ornithomimid teeth embedded in the sandstone representing a
layer of material deposited directly by the impact tsunami. Is this a true
evidence for the presence of non-avian dinosaurs at the K-Pg time internal
or is it just another case of probable reworked material? Thank you for your
opinions, Tom

BTW, does anyone happen to have a pdf of this older study: Farlow J.O, Smith
M.B, Robinson J.M. Body mass, bone “strength indicator”, and cursorial
potential of Tyrannosaurus rex. J. Vertebr. Paleontol. 1995;15:713–725.