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Plotosaurus (Mosasauridae) from Chile

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Eberhard Frey, Eric W.A. Mulder, Wolfgang Stinnesbeck, Christian
Salazar & Luis Arturo Héctor Quinzio-Sinn (2016)
A mosasaur, cf. Plotosaurus, from the upper Maastrichtian Quiriquina
Formation in Central Chile.
Cretaceous Research 61: 17-25

Here we describe a mosasaurid from the upper Maastrichtian Quiriquina
Formation near the town of Cocholgüe about 30 km north of Concepción,
central Chile. The specimen comprises a concretion preserving the
rostral part of a pair of mandibular rami. The bulbous base of the
teeth allows referral to cf. Plotosaurus sp. This is southernmost
record of this piscivorous and pelagic taxon. The southern dispersal
of mosasaurs during the late Maastrichtian may not only have depended
from warm south-bound Equatorial currents but mainly from the
nutrient-rich oceanic regime along an upwelling zone of cold abyssal
water that mixed with the warm surface water, resulting in an enormous
primary production. Apparently mosasaur dispersal depended more on
food than on suitable temperatures or currents.