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Yunxianosaurus hubeinensis Li, 2001, titanosaurid from Upper Cretaceous of Hubei Province, China

Ben Creisler

Many thanks to Lukas Panzarin for bringing another overlooked dinosaur
to my attention and sending a pdf.


Yunxianosaurus hubeinensis Li , 2001

based on limb material


Li Zhengqi (2001)
Distribution, burying and classification of dinosaur fossils in Upper
Cretaceous strata at Meipu Town, Yunxian County of Hubei Province.
Hubei Geology & Mineral Resources 15(4)(Total No 37): 25-31

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A large amount of Dinosaurs skeleton fossils are discovered in Upper
Cretaceous strata at the Meipu Town, Yunxian County of Hubei Province.
Exploration and researches indicate that the dinosaurs fossils here
have characters of centralized distribution, large amount, shallow
burying, paragensis of skeleton fossils with egg fossils.


The same paper also gives the name Lijiagousaurus (no  type species
given so not valid) as a member of the Iguanodontia