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Progressive Palaeontology Student Travel Grant Funding and Registration

Hi everyone,

I want to call attention to a Palaeontology related crowdfunder:


The crowdfunding project seeks to raise £600 in support of travel
grants for students based outside of the UK for the Progressive
Palaeontology Conference 2016, to be held at the University of Oxford
and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

For those of you that don't know, ProgPal is a UK based, but
international conference organised every year by students.
Registration is open only to undergraduate and graduate students
without a completed PhD, and the conference encourages early career
researchers and aspiring palaeontologists to give their first
presentations in an environment slightly less intimidating than most
of the other conferences.

Please consider to donate (nice rewards are available too), and also
encourage your students or student colleagues to register!

For more information and registration details see the following website:


Thank you, and best regards,

(Member of 2016 ProgPal Committee)


Serjoscha W. Evers
DPhil candidate in Vertebrate Paleontology
University of Oxford