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Eastern Montana - Geology

‎Greetings everyone,

I know it is a bit early. I am wondering if anyone will be in the Glendive, 
Montana - Makoshika State Park area of Eastern Montana.  I am looking for 
someone who would be interested in doing a geological hike in Makoshika State 
Park sometime this summer.  
I am currently running an outdoor recreation group (Glendive Outside), that 
does hiking,  bicycling, etc. and I'm looking for additional options to promote 
outdoor activities with natural history. My own geology is rather rusty and 
The hiking route would be at most 3 miles or less. Topics would include Hell 
Creek Formation, environmental changes, clays, silts, hoodoo formation, iron 
balls, the iridium layer, etc.etc... and landslide erosion and possibly the 
Fort Union formation. 
Compensation could be possible but limited.  Asking here first, but will 
contact others later. 
I'm also looking for someone who is knowledgeable in badlands prairie plant - 
great plains badlands identification (nature hike) and astronomers 
(stargazing,etc, no hiking), if there are any lurkers.  

Thanks and Cheers,

Kelly Wicks ‎

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