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Giant dinosaurs tracks with possible "wallow" found in Bolivia + Deinosuchus + more

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

Giant tracks with possible excavated nest or wallow found in Bolivia.
Unfortunately, the graphic does not expand for first item.



Google online translation (mainly), from first link:

The Uruguayan paleontologist Sebastian Apesteguia said "it is really
huge," the new finding of a carnivorous dinosaur so far not found in
any other part of Bolivia and estimated it lived 80 million years ago.

On the other hand, the Bolivian paleontologist Omar Medina explained
that each footprint measures 1.04 meters long and 80 cm wide. Among
footprint and printed mark on Potolo there is a distance of 2.70
meters, that is, that with each step they took these giant animals
advancing this stretch.

Moreover, Apesteguia said the most important discovery in science is a
gap that is four meters long and two meters wide (shown in the
graphic), and has markings inside being excavated by dinosaurs.
Presumably there animals had their nest or, if it was a place where
you would wallow to remove parasites.

The Uruguayan palaeontologist added that studies should be conducted
to establish exactly why the gap occurred and what it was used by the
dinosaurs in question.

Medina also said that another discovery caught the attention are the
footprints of a baby Ankylosaurus, a herbivore, quadruped and armored.
In this regard, the researcher said it is very rare to find remains of
these offspring, although Cal Orcko, Icla, Maragua and Toro Toro no
footprints of this species, but larger.


Large two-toed dinosaur tracks resembling cloven foot found near
Luzhou in Sichuan Province, China (in Chinese)






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