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Re: Bellulia, new bird (Ornithothoraces) from Early Cretaceous of China (preoccupied name!)

Ben Creisler <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:

> Apparently the replacement name Bellulornis for Bellulia has not been
> formally published yet in a scientific publication to establish
> official authorship.

The authors might want to publish this soon, now that the new name has
been released into the public domain.  Otherwise they risk the name
being published by someone who *thinks* 'Bellulornis' is a valid
genus, and thereby unwittingly becomes the official author themselves.

This has happened before.  The Argentine sauropodomorph _Coloradia_
was named by Jose Bonaparte in 1978 - but this genus name was
preoccupied (once again, by a moth).  Bonaparte intended that it would
be renamed _Coloradisaurus_.  This is the name it was given in a
popular dinosaur book written by David Lambert in 1983 (who had
apparently checked with Bonaparte before hand - so all above board).
Lambert published the name in his book, believing that Bonaparte had
already published the new name - but he hadn't.  So Lambert (entirely
inadvertently) got the credit for naming _Coloradisaurus_.