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Outrunning a T. rex + Tethyshadros on television + more

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

Outrunning a T. rex



3D reconstruction of hadrosaur "Antonio" [Tethyshadros] to show
movement to air on Italian television program Geo & Geo (in Italian)



Interview with Éric Buffetaut about dinosaur fossils (video) (in French)



Roy Chapman Andrews




Chongmingia reconstructed by artist Shi Aijuan. I guess you need to
chalk this effort up to "artistic license." Since skull is missing
from described specimen,  toothless beak, feathered crest, and maybe
perching toes are artistic license (which also allowed the missing
tail (long and bony, or short?) to be hidden by foliage). Also, manual
digits are fanciful based on the paper itself (pg. 5), also shown
below the illustration.  Digit 2 is too short and not feathered, while
3 is shown with a claw... (in Chinese)