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Re: Dinosaur speed estimates

I would take any estimate of maximum running speeds based on morphology with amazingly huge chunks of salt. Actual animal performance is very hard to work out strictly from morphology.

On 2016-01-30 12:47, Poekilopleuron wrote:
Good day!

I would like to ask if there is a study (apart from Manning and
Sellers, 2007) estimating maximum running speeds for a various kinds
of dinosaurs (groups like sauropods, ceratopsians, ornithopods,
large/small theropods, thyreophorans etc.) or if there are estimated
values just for a well known taxa like Tyrannosaurus (about 30 km/h),
Argentinosaurus (about 8 km/h), Struthiomimus (about 60 km/h) etc.? It
would be interesting to have a comprehensive list of such a values
estimated for a various taxa of dinosaurs. Thank you, in advance. Tom

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