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re: running speeds

Please note: the actual paper on footprint doesn't give MAXIMUM speeds; it gives the speeds the animals were moving at the time it made those particular tracks.

Usain Bolt does not run most of the time, and racehorses mostly just walk around.

On 2016-01-30 17:38, Hammer wrote:
Yes - in the case of the recent posts on tyrannosaurs, looking at the
reproductions of these animals, the impression doesn't come across as
just some ambling, strolling toothy behemoths - a more dynamic
creature(s) is suggested.  And I seriously doubt that, if it was
possible, anyone would put their feet where their papers are by
testing it out with a live tyranno!  "Mmmm, once I spit out its
'feathers' it was pretty tasty!"

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