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Re: Dinosaur speed estimates

Déjà vu?  

This ancient document will give you estimates for 62 dinosaurs (51 genera), 
based on skeletal measurements supplemented (where feasible) with evidence of 
Thulborn, R. A., 1982. Speeds and gaits of dinosaurs. Palaeogeogr., 
Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol., 38: 227--256.  Not hard to find online.

For each animal there are estimates of speed (a) at walk-trot transition;  (b) 
at trot-run transition;  (c) at maximum.

And (principally for benefit of sensationalist news media) speed isn’t all that 
matters, anyway.  A human can run a lot faster than a mouse - but have you ever 
tried to catch a mouse?

Back to the swamp,
Tony Thulborn