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Re: Dinosaur speed estimates

Sure, I've tried to catch a mouse--and succeeded. However, 
it wasn't in an open parking lot at the mall or anything 
fun like that. Instead, I used a trap baited with some fruit 
bar dabbed in peanut butter. Utterly irresistible to mice, 
squirrels, etc.

(It was a live cage trap of course, not one of those unethical 
flypaper things or spring-loaded traps.)

On Sat, 1/30/16, Tony Thulborn <paswamp@y7mail.com> wrote:

 Subject: Re:  Dinosaur speed estimates
 To: "Dinosaur Mailing List" <dinosaur@usc.edu>
 Date: Saturday, January 30, 2016, 8:48 PM
 Déjà vu?  
 This ancient document will give you estimates for 62
 dinosaurs (51 genera), based on skeletal measurements
 supplemented (where feasible) with evidence of tracks: 
 Thulborn, R. A., 1982. Speeds and gaits of dinosaurs.
 Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol., 38:
 227--256.  Not hard to find online.
 For each animal there are estimates of speed (a) at
 walk-trot transition;  (b) at trot-run
 transition;  (c) at maximum.
 And (principally for benefit of sensationalist news media)
 speed isn’t all that matters, anyway.  A human can
 run a lot faster than a mouse - but have you ever tried to
 catch a mouse?
 Back to the swamp,
 Tony Thulborn