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[dinosaur] New basal dinosauromorph records from Late Triassic Dockum Group of Texas (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper in open access:

Volkan Sarıgül (2016) 
New basal dinosauromorph records from the Dockum Group of Texas, USA. 
Palaeontologia Electronica 19.2.21A: 1-16

Free pdf:

The basal dinosauromorphs constitute an important component of the Late Triassic Dockum dinosauromorph diversity. This study introduces nine hitherto unpublished hind limb elements of basal dinosauromorphs from Garza and Randall counties in Texas. Most of these specimens consist of femoral and tibial fragments referred to Dromomeron, whereas one complete and one partial fibula resemble the morphology of Marasuchus lilloensis, but with much larger size, and are assigned to undetermined dinosauriforms. The discovery of three Dromomeron specimens in the Tecovas Formation of the Palo Duro Canyon are particularly noteworthy because these are the lowest occurrences of Dromomeronromeri and Dromomerongregorii, and the first reported biostratigraphic overlap of the two taxa. The extended taxonomic range of D. romeri challenges its suggested replacement for D. gregorii in the Late Triassic (Adamanian-Revueltian) faunal turnover.