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[dinosaur] Constructing giant titanosaur replicas + remembering Zdeněk Burian + more

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

Constructing giant titanosaur skeleton replicas for the world in Argentina (in Spanish)



Titanosaur bones, theropod tooth, and crocodile fossils found in end-Cretaceous rocks in  Marília region of Brazil, possibly from a river (with video) (in Portuguese)



Feathered dinosaur models at "Dinosaurier – Die Urzeit lebt“ in the Münsteraner Naturkundemuseum in Münster, Germany (in German)


opened in 2014, with articles on some of the models and skeletons 



T. rex had a heart the size of a microwave oven (in Czech)



Remembering Czech paleoartist Zdeněk Burian, who died 35 years ago (with interactive photo gallery) (in Czech)



Radio interview with Gerard Gierliński about Silesaurus and dinosaurs from Poland (audio) (in Polish)



Psittacosaurus fossil finds celebrated with sculpture and  signs at Shestakovo in Kemerovo region of Siberia; with mention of new mammal (symmetrodont) find (in Russian) 


Roughly translating:
"Now we are on the edge of the ocean, that was here 150 million years ago.... In 2015, at a depth of about two meters, we found a rare find - a well-preserved mammal lower jaw, a contemporary of the dinosaurs. In addition, it's hypothesized that a fragment  of the skeleton of this ancient animal was also found. If it is confirmed that the bones of the skeleton and mandible belong to a mammal from the beginning of the Cretaceous Period, it will be Russia's first discovery of so much of the skeleton of ancient mammals from the territory of our country "  - said the head of the group of paleontologists Natalia Demidenko .


Technical paper about site from 2015 available here:




Roundup of  week's  paleo-related news stories and blogs



Crocodile fossils found on remote Seychelles atoll where now only Aldabra tortoises live



Also, on-going Twitter discussion about tree-climbing crocodiles. Just a reminder of published article from 2014: