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Re: [dinosaur] Murusraptor, New Megaraptoran Theropod from Late Cretaceous of Argentina (free pdf)

Ben Creisler <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:

> I guess the  name Murusraptor would fall into the category of "false
> compounds" or "syntactic compounds" in which two distinct words are
> arbitrarily combined as one word, and in some cases the parts could be
> treated as separate elements for grammar purposes.

I had the same reaction as Tom.  I though it should be Muriraptor or Muroraptor.

In microbial taxonomy, an explicit etymology must provided for all
proposed new genus and species names.  As part of the peer review
process, this etymology is vetted by someone well-versed in Greek and
Latin who makes sure that the name is properly formed.  (I've been
through this process, and the reviewer can be quite brutal.)  This
ensures that you don't end up with a badly constructed genus or
species name.

Unfortunately, malformed monikers still tend to pop up in zoology and
paleontology - like _Murusraptor_ or _Eousdryosaurus_ or
_Gigantspinosaurus_ or _Aberratiodontus_.  Syntactic compounds or not,
these names just look bad.