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[dinosaur] Pangupterus, new pterodactyloid pterosaur from Early Cretaceous of Liaoning, China (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper (pdf is free):

Lü Junchang, Liu Cunyu, Pan Lijun & Shen Caizhi (2016)
A new pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous of the western part of Liaoning Province, northeastern China.
Acta Geologica Sinica 90(3):777-782 (English Edition)

Pangupterus liui gen. et sp. nov. from the Jiufotang Formation of Sihedang, Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province is erected based on a nearly complete lower jaw. It is characterized by having a total of 36 slender curved teeth with sharp tips, forming a distinct fish-grabbing mechanism; the teeth are well-spaced and are circular in section; the length ratio of the mandibular symphysis to the whole jaw is 20%; and the ratio of the tooth root width to tooth length is 12%. Toothed pterosaurs make up about 56.3% of the pterosaur assemblage from the Jiufotang Formation, which indicates that toothed forms played a key role in the ecosystem.