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[dinosaur] Blocked post about new study finding common ancestry in scales, feathers, hair

Ben Creisler

Not a good day...

First, I sent a news item about the privately owned pterosaur without reviewing a misleading comment. My intended point was supposed to be that it was studied at a time when its future curated status was not determined--it could have been sold into private hands after being described. Now it's been donated to a museum, as explained in the news story, which is good news. 

I have also tried repeatedly to a post a new paper and related news stories to the DML. None appear to have gotten through and I have no clue about the problem. Here are the links at least, with an edit in the title, and without the abstract:

In open access;

Nicolas Di-Poï and Michel C. Milinkovitch (2016)
The anatomical placode in reptile scale morphogenesis indicates shared ancestry among skin appen dages in amniotes.
Science Advances  2(6): e1600708
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1600708