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[dinosaur-l] We're back, baby!

Take a look at this!

That's right, I formatted text... what is the listprocessor gonna do about it?

We are still in a transitional period -- I haven't yet notified CMNH about the change, for instance, but there will now be a web-accessible archive at USC.

Note that the dinosaur list is now:


I will be making some other modifications to the site, but we should be live.  I have transferred all subscribers who did not have their mail mode set to postpone.  I will be contacting them separately.  If you had your mail mode set to digest, you should be seeing this message as part of a digest.

If you want to learn more about the software managing the dinosaur mailing list, look here:


And in case that link gets zorched, that is:

https : / / mymaillists.usc.edu/sympa

Mickey P. Rowe     (MickeyPRowe@gmail.com)