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[dinosaur] Smithsonian dinosaur mounts + making Yutyrannus model + Dimetrodon teeth + more

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

New Smithsonian dinosaur mounts (with video)

https: // www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2016/03/22/get-up-close-and-personal-with-the-smithsonians-new-dinosaurs-in-this-3-d-video/


Making models of dinosaurs and pterosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History, including the life-size feathered Yutyrannus

http: // scienceline.org/2016/03/fleshing-it-out/


Videos for new AMNH "Dinosaurs Among Us" exhibit


https: // www.youtube.com/watch?v=y24Q4BxzVu0


Transformation: Dinosaurs to Birds

https: // www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAzGC89n0S4


ID-ing the Dimetrodon from Canada (video):

Royal Tyrrell Museum Speaker Series 2016
Dr. Kirstin Brink, University of British Columbia 
“Uncovering the Hidden Dental Diversity of the First Apex Predators to Identify Canada’s Dimetrodon" 

https:  // www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjL4Zk91o2M

https: // royaltyrrellmuseum.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/speaker-series-2016-uncovering-the-hidden-dental-diversity-of-the-first-apex-predators-to-identify-canadas-dimetrodon-borealis/


Radio interview with paleontologist Jean Le Loeuff about Tyrannosaurus and  his new book "T. rex superstar" (with audio) (in French)

http: // www.franceinter.fr/emission-la-tete-au-carre-t-rex-une-star-planetaire


Efforts to buy Edmontosaurus specimen Dakota for the state of North Dakota, currently being rented from owners to be on display at North Dakota Heritage Center

http: // www.inforum.com/news/3991066-groundwork-laid-purchase-rare-dinosaur-fossil-bismarck-museum


Dinosaur museum opens in tiny  Australian outback Queensland town of Eromanga after 12-year journey


http: // www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-21/dinosaur-museum-opens-in-tiny-outback-queensland-town-eromanga/7263928


Viavenator fossils, new abelisaur from Argentina, goes on display at Museo Argentino Urquiza (in Spanish)

http: // www.elperiodicoderincon.com.ar/ver_noticia.php?id=20160321192001

http: // www.rionegro.com.ar/diario/presentacion-en-sociedad-8103681-9574-nota.aspx


Smuggled fossils and private collections--When Collecting Fossils Does Harm

http: // blogs.barrons.com/penta/2016/03/21/when-collecting-fossils-does-harm/


Tennis star Roger Federer chased by a T. rex through Paris (video)

https: // www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx3ZH7LWWZk


Evolution of Whales

http: // www.eartharchives.org/articles/the-evolution-of-whales/