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[dinosaur] Ichthyornis from Cenomanian of Central Kansas

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Tyler R. Shimada  and Laura E. Wilson (2016)
A New Specimen of the Late Cretaceous Bird, cf. Ichthyornis sp., from the Cenomanian of Central Kansas, with Comments on the Size Distribution of Ichthyornis in North America.
Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 119(2):231-237 
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1660/062.119.0215

We describe a previously unreported left humerus of the Late Cretaceous toothed seabird, cf. Ichthyornis sp., from the basal Lincoln Limestone Member (late Cenomanian) of the Greenhorn Limestone Formation in central Kansas. This specimen represents one of the oldest bird specimens in North America, and together with previously described ichthyornithid specimens, it also provides new insights into the size distribution of the fossil taxon. Our analysis indicates that Ichthyornis body size remained relatively consistent throughout its temporal range from the Cenomanian through the Campanian. The present fossil record suggests that Ichthyornis measured up to about 0.5 m in skeletal wingspan, 0.2 m in height, and 0.3 m in skeletal length.