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[dinosaur] Problems with blocked or delayed posts to the DML

Ben Creisler

My apologies for the multiple posts yesterday, which all showed up long after I had sent them through gmail. Unfortunately, a similar problem seems to be happening today. I have sent two posts well over 30 minutes ago that have yet to show up in my yahoo.com email account and in the gmane dinosaur blog live feed at http://blog.gmane.org/gmane.science.dinosaurs.general..

The blocked or missing posts seem to involve two different issues--the DML spam filters and my gmail account.

The DML spam filters block posts that contain various words and phrases with no regard for context. I have had to reword posts (even using misspellings) to get through. As a rule, earlier versions that are blocked do not show up.

The gmail problem is harder to explain and was apparently the source of the problems yesterday that caused me to send near duplicate posts that eventually DID show up.

Again, my intention is not to flood mailboxes with duplicate emails. I hope posting new refs and news will be useful to people, so there is a reason to try again when posts apparently don't get through. However, the obscure technical problems that block posts mean that my resends sometimes will cause multiple postings.

I'm holding off resending the new paper posts that have been blocked today to see if gmail will come through at some point.