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..Greetings from Mrs Sarah

Hello Beloved,

I am Mrs. Sarah Reynolds,  a America citizen with passport number 4612155
and married to a Kuwait national ( late Mr. Sheikh Ahmed Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah), 
however it's true we  do not known each other before, 
but My spirit lead me to write you this email. I write you with heavy tears in 
my eyes and great sorrow in my heart because my Doctor informed me 
that It will take only the will of God for me to survive due to my Complicated 
health issues
Based on this, I wish to share some more details with you, regarding myself
,family and fund I wish to offer to charities and also invest in very good 
business, but I will like to  know more about you, to enable me have more
trust in you, as my heart wish to have you close to me and believe that you can 
handle whatever processes I move over to you, so please reply back to
me,  so that I can provide more details to you,

i will be waiting for your reply email: { mrs.saraynolds@gmail.com }

Warm wishes

Mrs. Sarah Reynolds.