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[dinosaur] Euconcordia (Upper Pennsylvanian captorhinid, Kansas) dentition (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A recent paper in open access, not yet mentioned:

Robert Reisz, Yara Haridy & Johannes Müller (2016)
Euconcordia nom. nov., a replacement name for the captorhinid eureptile Concordia Müller and Reisz, 2005 (non Kingsley, 1880), with new data on its dentition.
Vertebrate Anatomy Morphology Palaeontology 3:1-6 


The oldest known captorhinid reptile, and the only Carboniferous representative of this important clade of early eureptiles was named Concordia cunninghami. This was done on the basis of the cranial material from two specimens, but the name is preoccupied by an extant hippolytid crustacean. We therefore coined the new name, Euconcordia, as a replacement name for this taxon, and the new combination is Euconcordia cunninghami. In addition, the recent significant increases in our understanding of dental anatomy in early amniotes in general, and captorhinid reptiles in particular, has allowed us to reinterpret the anatomy of the marginal and palatal teeth of this taxon.