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Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings to you,

Thank you for the opportunity to put forward our business proposal to you and 
your time of evaluation. It is our pleasure to contact you as we are starting 
to make more investment deal into small scale and large scale establishments, 
and project financing all around the world, specifically in Euro Zone, Middle 
East and America e.t.c.

We mediate for some high net worth private investors who are Arabian, European 
and Asian business tycoons with liquid cash and have the capability to release 
funds to your viable genuine business of any magnitude even in Billions of 
Dollars, as long as an agreement and MoU has been made between you and our 
private investors. 
First, I want you to bear in mind that as we are the mediator to close the 
investment deal to your favor we are not asking you for an upfront 1% 
commission, as it’s the private investor’s agreement to pay us separately from 
his own funds for our services rendered.
Secondly, in most cases the interest rate is normally 3%, and we are not 
talking about a 3% yearly reimbursement, but rather after a total period of  10 
years it’s when you are deemed to commence full payback of the investment 
funds. If for example it's $250,000 you loan, you will then payback $250,000 
with an additional 3% interest rate. So that is how the scope of this 
investment program works.
Lastly, if you don’t have any viable project, then we implore you to source 
from your colleagues and friends that have genuine project yet to be financed 
due to inadequate funding. You should also bear in mind that any referral you 
bring to our notice, you will receive a commission on our payroll schedule for 
your services rendered.
Do get back to me on our private email {gpfinacier@gmail.com} at your earliest 
convenience, with your project scope or referral proposition, so we can move 
forward to see how things will work out for all parties involved.


For: Global Project Financiers 
Senior Financial Adviser
Senior Vice President - Investments
Wealth Brokerage Services