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Re: [dinosaur] Oldest Paleontologist and Geologist

Ben Creisler

Passing this on to the DML list:

   In answer to Poekilopleuron's question of what paleontologist continued to do paleontological work to the most advanced age...


is an obituary for Percy Butler, an English mammalogist and palaeontologist who died last year at the age of 102: a bit older than Mayr!
   There are comments on his work (and the length of his professional career) on, I think, the Haramyid or Multituberculate pages at the site Palaeos.com.

Allen Hazen

On Fri, Nov 25, 2016 at 5:25 AM, <john-schneiderman@cox.net> wrote:
Boris Sergeyevich Sokolov (Russian) (April 9, 1914 – September 2, 2013) (99 years old)  was a Russian geologist and paleontologist. Sokolov authored reference works on the stratigraphy of Eastern Europe, in particular the fossil coral records, and created the concept of Vendian period, currently recognized as largely overlapping, but not fully equivalent to Ediacaran.